21 June – first day of Summer/ Pierwszy dzień lata

Today is first day of Summer. Unfortunately, outside is sad, sky is lead and still si rainy. Additionally is cold. So it’s not optimistic time, because we have still corona virus, but we have a sewing machines and I have a good idea for you today. This little very optimistic wall hanging! Who don’t like watermelons ? Most people like this and in my opinion it’s good symbol for Summer 😀 Dziś pierwszy dzień lata. Niestety smutno, szaro i ciągle leje. Na smutki najlepsza maszyna i optymistyczny projekt 🙂 Kto nie lubi arbuzów? No chyba każdy lubi ( moim zdaniem 😀 )

I was using this template for this cute mini quilt. Embroidery I made by hand but it’s very simple. Little scraps for seeds of watermelon and I can to smile to my not good weather 😉 / Do uszycia tej makatki użyłam takiego szablonu.

Link to this template HERE / Link do tego szablonu TUTAJ

To quilting I was using regular domestic machine – some walking foot, some free motion quilting. / Pikowałam na maszynie do szycia – trochę swobodnym pikowaniem, trochę regularną stopką do szycia

Unfortunately my garden flowers also dislike this rainy weather. Only fish are hungry as always regardless of the weather 😀 / Moje rośliny z tej pogody też chyba nie do końca zadowolone, tylko ryby wiecznie głodne 😀

So keep smiling no matter what and HAPPY SUMMER!


3 thoughts on “21 June – first day of Summer/ Pierwszy dzień lata

  1. It looks very complicated. I’m so afraid of sewing circles… but the watermelon 🍉 seems like a fun project.

    1. Thanks a lot <3 I agree, looks complicated but, trust me - it's not dificuld for sewing 😀 Maybe I should think to do tutorial " how to use this template". Maybe also , will be helpful for some people who afraid curve sewing 🙂

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